Working The Big Steel

Unrelated to any project here at CATEA but still quite interesting:

Tripp Edwards from the COA’s Design Lab stopped by yesterday to do some work on the metal lathe. He has a roller style single-run printing press. The roller is about 34 inches long and 6 inches in diameter of solid steel. It weights a lot!

Anyways, some of the undergrads in the architecture program heard “press” and thought they could use the machine to press one shape onto another. Ha! Big mistake. Kids were apparently using this thing to press all sorts of metal objects into softer objects to create a relief. Well this is not at all what this machine is for. Its meant to press a printing template onto paper. So as you can imagine these rollers sustained a ridiculous amount of abuse. The surface was covered with all sorts of markings resulting from running anything and everything through the machine: keys, threaded rod, bulldog clips, BB shot.

So we had to turn down the roller enough to take out all the indentions. It was some serious work for two grown men to lift the roller up and mount it in the lathe. We ended up removing the tail stock and sliding the cylinder on from the end. The lathe, being the beast that it was, took the load no problem. In about 3 hours, Tripp had turned down the cylinder and had it looking better than brand new.

Moral of the story: don’t use the wrong tool for the wrong job!


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