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Articulating Thigh Mechanism, First Round Complete

The articulating thigh mechanism is pretty much finished. It certainly doesn’t look like a real thigh/buttock but that’s what the next phase is for. We will begin to set the parameters and make cuts into the actual thighs to form them to correct shape. I had to cut some weight out of the right thigh because I overcast it. Some quick tests were run with on the Zwick with a Tekscan Conformat pressure mat. Part of the next phase will require reading the in-board buttock pressure sensors with and without the thighs attached and look for variations.


Pretty Pictures for the Weekend

I had to document the Thigh Model Articulation Mechanism. I haven’t spent an entire day sitting still in front of my computer in a long while. I’m getting antsy; time for the weekend.

“Out There” Solution

Some times we have to come up with absolutely ridiculous solutions that border on silly. One such solution was getting around the problem of not having access to the CNC mill table at AWPL. We were trying to make the positive mold for the thigh model. So instead of having some MDF cut on the CNC mill, we laid up several (13 to be exact) sheets of MDF into a large rectangular prism. We then took that over to COA’s Design Lab and used the wood lathe to turn the rectangle down into a cylinder. This took almost three days of getting beat up on the wood lathe. Then in order to turn down the cylinder into a cone shape, we built this rig, shown below, to mount on the student mill. The rig is basically a box with two lazy susans at each end, holding the cylinder in place. The cylinder is then turned as the mill table is moved along the X axis.

Work at AWPL was faster than expected and the final model was better than expected, also shown below. The cylinder was ultimately unnecessary but it was certainly a bizarre attempt.

Thigh Mounting Hardware for the Buttock Model

Hinges, with bearing waiting to be pressed. Also waiting on some fasteners from McMaster-Carr.