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Adjustable Webcam on the WMD

This was a last minute addition to the wound measurement device before it goes to clinical trials this week. The built-in cam was total crap so I added this webcam and gave it some ability to be repositioned. It doesn’t look very pretty, for sure. I really had hoped that we’d have the camera nailed down before I built an entire device around it =(. If we continue with the third party web cam, I envision version 5 of the device will be a Wiimote + Wii nunchuck style device: the camera and lasers in one hand and the computer in the other.


“just glue two sticks”

not everything can look pretty. lets hope it at least works. IMG_0636

Harvesting Parts from Vernier Caliper

Breaking one tool, to make another. Something for version 4.2 of the WMD.

Disassembled Vernier Calipers