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Updates to the Buttock/Thigh Model

Once some decisions were made about the desired range-of-motion and orientation of the thighs, Taylor did an excellent job trimming down the models and setting them up in a more permanent configuration. We’ve also added the necessary weights to simulate either a 46, 70, or 84 kg person. We are now in the process of testing the model and see how it compares to the butt model without the thighs and the old ISO model where the entire buttock/thigh was one solid, non articulating piece. Here are some pictures of these updates:


Open Source, Makers in the Medical Industry

Cool editorial in Makezine about the future of open source in the medical industry. Just wanted to share that with everyone.

Alleviating Pressure Cushion, My Two Cents

Most of the Alleviating Pressure Cushion has been built and developed for a while. We are about to send it out for some long term (about a month) of continuous usage so everything has to be in perfect, robust, working order. The hardware cover and plugs needed to be replaced and be a bit more aesthetic. I heat formed some polycarbonate, by hand. After some cutting, drilling, and sanding I think it looks pretty good; like a fish tank! Its certainly capable of sustaining a serious beating.